Sunday, March 15, 2009

Personal Pan Pizza, my way...

I was home alone on Saturday night this week, so I decided to make a personal pan pizza. The leftover dough will be great for a full-size pizza on Sunday night with Isaac, and he can choose the toppings. So I used what I had on hand: homemade pesto, provolone, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese. For some reason, I really prefer a pizza without tomato products of any kind. This is one of my favorites. I decided to up the protein by adding the pine nuts; you can't see them since they're hiding under the cheese, but they made for a delightful surprise when I bit into them. Accompanied by a glass of decent cabernet and an episode of House, this was a perfect meal.


  1. Sounds like a fine evening!

  2. Without tomatoes, what makes it a pizza. Why is it not just bread with miscellaneous stuff?

  3. I think you just defined pizza: bread with stuff baked on it.