Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday night pizza

Yes, we're a carboholic family. Every Saturday night, following a semi-regular tradition that my family had when growing up, we have pizza. This time I made a French-style pizza, with pesto, potatoes, fontina, and mozzarella. I make my own dough, which I do so automatically now that I have to think in order to tell anyone how to make. The secret for me is to start with the amount of water, then add flour, olive oil, and salt. I keep adding flour, using a standup mixer, until I get the consistency I want. Leave it to rise for several hours, covered with plastic wrap. Then, about 30 minutes before Isaac and Michael get home from aidiko, fire up the oven to 495 F and begin to assemble. By the time they get home, I'm sliding it in the oven and pouring the wine.

1 comment:

  1. Count me as a fan of your Saturday night pizzas! I'm glad I got to participate a few times!