Sunday, April 19, 2009

Milwaukee's finest

No, not beer. Gin. I've been enjoying this Rehorst gin in my springtime G&Ts. It really does taste amazing. Also, I've discovered that store brand tonic water just doesn't taste as good as Schweppe's. I also can't abide diet tonic water. The photo looks crooked, not because I was well into my 2nd or 3rd G&T, but rather because I was experimenting with a tripod. The tripod wasn't even. Honest.


  1. mmm....gin. such a good summer drink.

  2. From Vini: Okay, does this mean I should abandon my Tanqueray, "distilled four times from the world's finest botanicals"? I buy it in a cute little 375 ml size and it sits in my fridge ready for aweekend G&T. Now I'll look for Rehorst...but probably not in Vernal!

    Even buying tonic water in Vernal is a challenge. Buying good tonic is just about impossible. Imagine driving to another state or across the state to SLC not to buy liquor but to buy Schweppe's!