Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garbage Pizza

Garbage pizza is adorned with ingredients that, if you were to wait a few more days, would end up in the garbage. In this case, I had mascarpone cheese, feta, and mozzarella--all in a partially used state. In other words, they were going to go bad if I didn't use them soon. The sundried tomatoes were purchased for the purpose, to complement the cheeses I had on hand. Not really. I really wanted to make a goat cheese and sundried tomato pizza, but while I was at the store contemplating the goat cheese, I though, ooh, I better use up that other cheese first. 
The dough was a bit of an experiment too. I recently saw an episode of America's Test Kitchen on PBS where they made a pizza dough that was very wet. I attempted to replicate that, without, of course, looking up the recipe. It turned out pretty much like I thought it would. With this kind of dough, there's no point in trying to put in on a pizza peel and slide it into the oven. It would never make it. Instead, you spread it out in a rectangular pan with a Silpat and a liberal amount of olive oil. You "bake it off" (as the chefs on TV say) for about 10 minutes. Then you top it with the ingredients you like. Tomato sauce optional. 

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  1. I make a garbage soup on occasion. Sometimes it is wonderful; other times it really goes in the garbage. But, I give it my best effort.