Monday, July 19, 2010

Desayuno en Español

Many of the days we were in Spain, I ate the perfect breakfast (not nutritionally speaking of course). It consisted of café con leche and a napolitana (what we might call a chocolate croissant). There’s just something about this combination that really works (worked) for me. The best was when I could get a warm napolitan, but then, the place where they served them still warm was also the place where there was a tad too much milk in the café con leche. It’s a bit tricky working out the perfect combination. The two together cost about 2 euros (about $2.60). Hard to beat that!

But every time I had one of these little flaky babies, it was delicious—cold, warm, with lots of sprinkles, with hardly any, on a plate with knife and fork, out of my hand when walking down the street—all amazing.

And the discovery I’ve made about coffee is that I like a really short one, shorter than any of these behemoths that Starbucks sells. And I like the combo of espresso and milk, with one hit of sugar. Sublime. I’ve ordered a little electric machine to see what I can replicate here at home. I don’t think it is possible to replicate the napolitan, but that doesn’t mean I might not try.

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