Monday, September 5, 2011

Provençal soupe au pistou

Looking over my past few posts, I see a trend--a trend that has probably led to my high cholesterol. Oh, the numbers. My total is 235 with the bad cholesterol at 143. Ouch.

Thus the need to find recipes that feature more vegetables and beans and less fat and refined carbs. So, no ice cream or banana cake for a while.

But I love this soup and can live without the goodies when food is this beautiful. The bright green of the zucchini and green beans was achieved by blanching them first and adding them to the soup at the last minute. The pistou on top was a product of the neighbor's basil-based generosity.

The recipe for Provençal soupe au pistou came from Martha Rose Shulman's Ready when you are: A compendium of comforting one-dish meals.