Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kale and Quinoa Salad with Arugula Pesto and Beehive Cheese

I would be a terrible cookbook writer. I don't measure, unless I absolutely must. Case in point--I made arugula pesto today. Here's the recipe:

two cloves of garlic, medium-ish
large handful of walnuts, or whatever nut you have on hand
a bunch of arugula
glugs of olive oil (extra virgin of course)

Blend in food processor until it is the consistency you like. That's it.

Using said pesto, today I made a quinoa and kale salad with
approximately 1 c. of cooked chilled quinoa
1 bunch of Italian kale, cut into ribbons
large spoonful of arugula pesto (1/4 cup maybe?)
a glug of apple cider vinegar
shredded Beehive Promontory Apple Walnut Smoked cheese

I had no idea Italian kale was so tasty. Not bitter, not stringy, easy to eat raw. Both the kale and the arugula came from the Cache Valley Gardeners Market. I got there early today so I wouldn't miss the good stuff!

Later tonight, arugula pizza with provolone piccante (sharp provolone)!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Roasted Parsnips and Brussels Sprouts

I love roasting vegetables--they become almost sweet, even though they're doused in olive oil and salt. Since Michael is out of town, and he hates Brussels sprouts, and I'm pretty sure he hates parsnips too, I made these.
It seems silly to provide a recipe. Toss your favorite vegetables in some olive oil, salt, pepper, herbs maybe (if you have some), and roast at high heat (450 degrees works for me) until they are nicely brown. With Brussels sprouts, the outer leaves will blacken a bit, but not to worry, the inside is becoming tender, and those black outer leaves taste like potato chips. The parsnips look like potato chips, but the taste is earthy, and the natural sugars in the parsnips provide an undertone of honey.