Saturday, November 24, 2012

Squash Filo Pie with Walnuts, Mint, and Feta

My contribution to this year's Thanksgiving dinner was Rose Shulman's Coiled Greek Winter Squash Pie.
The results were quite nice in terms of texture--a nice contrast between the earthy walnuts, squash, feta, and mint and the crispy filo. A tad more salt would have heightened the flavors, which were muted and a bit bland.

Our hosts provided the rest: a heritage turkey, potato "lasagne," cranberry sausage stuffing, pear sorbet, and a to-die-for pear tart. Both the sorbet and tart were made from their own pears. As with any good Thanksgiving dinner, I ate too much, but I didn't regret a bite. I feel quite lucky to have good friends and good food to share. The abundance we enjoy as middle class Americans is almost embarrassing.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fig and Pig Pizza

Recently, we had the "fig and pig" pizza at Eva in Salt Lake City. My attempt to recreate it wasn't quite on the mark, but it was good anyway. Now that I make my pizza dough in the food processor, pizza is takes little time to prepare. The time spent composing the pie takes longer...

Fig and Pig Pizza

Arugula pesto (garlic, walnuts, arugula, olive oil)
Fig paste (dried figs, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, honey)
Fresh mozzarella